Laser Gum Therapy 

Dr. Aaron T. Ward and his team are proud to provide the highest quality of care through our advanced laser dentistry techniques. Laser therapy is on the cutting edge of gum disease treatment, offering reduced bleeding, less post-op sensitivity, as well as a lower risk of infection. Our office uses this technology for most of our dental care to ensure our patients’ comfort and health. We’ve earned our reputation as a leading laser gum therapy clinic in Ogden.

If your smile has been affected by gum disease, your periodontist may suggest laser therapy as a potential treatment option. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a condition involving the deterioration of the gums caused by bacteria or plaque. As plaque builds up along the teeth and gumline, it may lead to infection or inflammation of the gums and surrounding tissues. Receding gums, bone loss, and tooth loss are some of the common outcomes of untreated periodontal disease. Using advanced laser gum therapy treatments at our Ogden clinic, Dr. Aaron T. Ward can kill bacteria, get rid of infected tissue, and stimulate new healthy gum growth. Laser gum therapy may be a great option to help you slow the progression of gum disease, and help your body grow new, healthy tissue.

We also utilize this technology for our frenectomy and gum disease patients in Ogden. Sometimes, like in the case of tongue-tie, the muscular attachments of the lips and gums are too large to allow for healthy movement. Lasers offer a quick and effective way to remove these muscles (frenulum).

Generally speaking, periodontal treatments with dental lasers offer more comfort than traditional routes. Some patients don’t even require anesthetic. Dr. Aaron T. Ward is proud to use laser gum therapy, bringing efficient and comfortable options to our patients. This technology decreases your risk of bleeding or infection, and eliminates the need for stitches too. When you’re ready to learn more about your options in Ogden for laser gum therapy, reach out to us at 801-394-6651.

"I visited several dentists before choosing Doctor Ward. I can’t express how happy I am with my decision. I haven’t stopped smiling since I left his office. He was professional and friendly, as was his staff. If I had to undergo this procedure again I would choose Doctor Ward again and again. Thank you Doctor Ward and staff. You have changed my life forever!!!"

~Michael M.

"Amazing experience with Dr Ward and his staff! Dr Ward and his staff are caring and make your time with them fun and enjoyable. For the first time in along while I'm able to smile with confidence, thank you Dr Ward and your staff for putting love into your work."

~Kurt G.

"I've been very fortunate in selecting Dr. Ward to do the implant surgery I had been investigating for over a year. I am still going through the process, but I couldn't be happier with what he has done so far. I received a very thorough consultation before having the work done. The process was painless and recovery was a breeze. At my follow-up visits, he takes time to answer all my questions and makes sure that any issues I'm having are resolved. I trust his work and advice completely. His assistants and office staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Ward."

~LeAnn T.

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