Implant Bridges in South Ogden

What Is an Implant Bridge?


An implant bridge is a restorative dental treatment for replacing multiple missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw. It consists of a bridge supported by two or more implants, which dentists directly embed the implants into the jawbone. The implants on either side of the bridge create a stable foundation for the bridge, allowing for strong, durable, and natural-looking tooth restorations.

Why Might I Need an Implant Bridge?

You might need an implant bridge if you have multiple, consecutive missing teeth in one or both jaws. The bridge consists of prosthetic teeth spanning the gap left by the missing teeth. Dentists drill dental implants on both ends of the gap, and later attach the bridge to complete the process.

Implant bridges are also necessary for patients looking to preserve their jawbone. Missing teeth accelerate jaw bone deterioration, resulting in facial collapse. By replacing your missing teeth, implant bridges can reverse this deterioration, thus improving your chewing ability and restoring your facial structure. You might also need an implant bridge to replace missing teeth for a more pleasant smile.


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