Cosmetic Gum Procedures
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What are Cosmetic Gum Procedures?

Creating Confident Smiles

The appearance of your gum line plays a significant role in the look of your smile. When patients experience an uneven gum line or other cosmetic concerns, it can affect their confidence and even their overall oral health. Our periodontists are here to help correct your gum line with cosmetic gum procedures that are quick, painless, and deliver outstanding results.

Why Might I Need Cosmetic Gum Procedures?

People who have dealt with periodontal disease or have felt uncomfortable about their smile should know that cosmetic gum procedures can help. While everyone is different, we all want to look and feel our best—and the way our teeth and gums align plays a big role in that.

Plus, cosmetic gum procedures don’t just deliver more radiant-looking grins; they also help optimize your oral health by bringing everything into proper alignment and reducing the chances for bacteria to grow within the gums.

Total Gum Transformation

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is a cosmetic procedure intended to correct a receding gum line—but it can also be a good option for preventing future decay to your gums or roots. Using local anesthesia, we take a piece of healthy tissue from the roof or your mouth or nearby gum tissue and attach it where your gum tissue has receded. If you’re concerned about the appearance of your gum line, consider asking about this painless procedure today.

Fixing Receding Gums

This was my second gum graft. My first gum graft was from another office not from Aaron Ward it did not go well at all! My second gum graft with Dr. Arron Ward was the complete opposite of my first. Dr. Ward did such a great job. The graft healed 10 times faster then my fist graft. Dr. Ward knows what he is doing I am proof of that.  Finesse meticulous and pleasant. I will not have any other then Dr. Ward do my next graft!

Craig Devito

Crown Lengthening

If one of your teeth is broken below your gum line, there might not be an adequate amount of tooth left to accommodate a restoration like a crown. In these instances, crown lengthening can help. One of our periodontists will adjust the position of the gum around the tooth to expose more of your existing tooth structure, allowing for your crown to be placed without problems.

Ensuring A Smooth Restoration Placement

Temporary Crowns

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to Know

Do you have questions about cosmetic gum procedures? We’ve got answers! Find some of the most frequently asked questions below, or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any other inquiry you have.

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